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hi, i'm puppycat!

Under Bunstruction!!

Come Back Soon to learn about us & our love of bunnies. 


I'm also your customer service manager here at my bunny valentine.  I'm so glad you visited us today because not only do we bring you the cutest & coolest gifts from around the world, we have another very important cause we must let you know about. We are here to advocate for all bunnies out there who do not have a voice. Bunnies are intelligent, loving, spiritual mammals that are a part of our families for well 20 years.  We are not rats or rodents, but are lagomorphs who thrive in a social environment.  

As for me, I was rescued right from the streets in Rohnert Park, CA.  

So, next time Easter comes around, don't buy a baby bun on a whim. Visit and donate to your favorite rescue and throw any extra money away at the fun stuff here instead.  We and all of my orphaned furry friends thank you.  For more info on bunny rescue, pls visit our heroes at  

PuppyCat's attitude on couch
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