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Store policies

Shipping, Returns, exchanges, disclaimers/warnings & other important but boring stuffs


First we ship directly from our California location. We stock all our own products and do not use "drop ship" services  domestically or overseas which may extend shipping times unexpectedly to over 1 month. Hence any orders you place here will always arrive between 3 to 9 days. 90% of our orders arrive in less than 1 week.  But note for now we are only allowed to ship to those in the United States. We are sorry about all our fans around the world. But it'll take a little time for a tiny business to conquer all the international customs and tariff rules, unless we are willing to make our customers wait by using drop ship services.

The Bunnehs' Version

We apologize we can only ship to bunneh lovers in the US for now. Why? Because buns do not have passports and they demand to fly first class. Thank you for your understanding of the restrictions of our diva buns.


Shipping Costs

1. Currently all package costs are estimated via USPS priority shipping standards, starting at about $5.  We will help you select the least expensive method for small, heavy packages.

2. Oversized items such as extra large plushies may incur extra shipping costs.

Please contact us at or 925.885.9272 if you have any questions before placing your order.

Returns and Exchanges

We are determined to make your experience a happy, positive one with us. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us at or 925.885.9272 and we will do everything possible to make it right with any replacements or exchanges. If by any chance you require a straight up return, please note that due to technical challenges, we may only offer store credit.  


Disclaimers & Warnings

Our products are not meant to be used by children under 5 unsupervised, as some may contain small parts that may be a choking hazard. Many products also arrive with their original plastic bags which may pose suffocation hazards for your small hoomin babies.

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