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An Interview with PuppyCat

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

PuppyCat the Bun

Since he knew I was trying to find a topic for my first blog, PuppyCat granted me a rare interview. He's been living with us for over 6 years and it's time to tell his story.

Me: Who/what are you?

PCat: I am PuppyCat, the floppy-eared bunny. In case you have no clue about us, please do not confuse us with rodents. We are lagomorphs. They say I may be a mini-lop or a muttlop. But I don't care. The truth is that my ears point down. Our ears can be all up, all down, one up one down, and even helicopter-like.

Me: Bunnies don't speak. How can you be in an interview?

PCat: Humans who don't speak bunny will need a translator. We have NO problems speaking our minds. I grunt, snore, & thump. My body language is even louder. You just need to be smart and patient enough to listen. You know exactly what naughty word I'm saying when I give you a slow blink.

M: <sigh> The bunnitude (bunny with attitude) is showing up already.

P: That is not a question.

Me: Where did you come from?

P: I officially came from They found me at Rohnert Park, a town north of San Francisco. I was surrounded by strangers in the streets when a hero from SaveABunny found me. None of the strangers claimed to be my family. So the kind human brought me back to Mill Valley. I prefer not to talk about life before SaveABunny. I don't want to scare tiny, excitable, shreeky humans. You can just imagine how mad I was when I decided to hop out on my own into the big world.

M: Then what happened?

P: I was starved & thirsty. So they served me a yummy meal of fresh Timothy hay and cool crisp water. Then they cleaned me up a bit. Not a bath or a shower. Most buns HATE getting wet and will get sick from it. They gave me a full spa treatment with a mani/pedi, a massage, cleaning in front and behind my floppy ears, in general lots of pampering.

After I was rested and fed, they wanted me to pose for pictures. I went along with it because they gave me more yummy stuff. Then they posted my picture on the interwebs, alongside dozens of other buns who were staying at SaveABunny when I was there. That is a really busy place. All kinds of buns were staying there, all different, some uppity-eared, some helicopter-eared, some floppy like me. Some were tiny babies and some were as big as a tank.

Why don't you show everyone the video you like to watch, over and over again whenever you can't visit. It'll give you a everyone a good idea of what happens in one day at SaveABunny.

M: Can you tell everyone how you hopped into our family?

P: This quarantine business is doing a number on your memory? Anyway, remember how you saw my picture the day posted it and you wrote them this long-winded novel of why you should to be my family. Marcy read the story to me. You guys were parents to 3 other buns before me. The first was a dutchie from the pet store who needed LOTS of help. Yikes, you got her from a pet store. But I try not to judge. The humans were young and didn't know better then. There were dozens of other bunny babies there, all fighting to get at one food dish. You saw a tiny black and white bun and felt sorry for her because she couldn't fight her way to the food dish.

Then you were gifted <gasp> a feisty little Hoto girl. Her eyeliner was always perfect. But she used to scare poor grandma by hissing and lunging at her. Then came Pogo, the black bun who lived in 2 houses with you and lived to be at least 12 years old.

Since we're all quarantined, we want to take some time to share how intelligent, lovable, & spiritual bunnies truly are. Like humans, each of us have a distinctive personality. Despite being the 3rd most popular type of pet after dogs and cats, we are often misunderstood. S